Acrylic Glass Wall Art - You made my day

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Exclusive dog photos on acrylic - be amazed by the clarity and brilliance of this unique print.

Our high-quality acrylic print gives each dog photo a mesmerizing sense of depth and impressive detail, as if your furry friend is standing right in front of you.

The acrylic provides a smooth, glass-like surface that catches the light and brings every detail to life.
The result is a stunning work of art that perfectly captures the charm and personality of the dog.

Whether you're looking for a special gift for a dog enthusiast or want to decorate your own four walls with a stunning dog gallery, our dog photos on acrylic are guaranteed to catch everyone's eye.


Prints on acrylic glass are often advertised by the various suppliers with many words. Prints on acrylic glass at Vieler Photography means:

Technical Details:

  • Material is made of 100% recycled acrylic
  • The material thickness is 6mm, therefore no bending or similar
  • Each picture gets a 10mm transparent border
  • The edges are polished
  • We do not glue a film from behind, but print directly with 3 layers
  • The pictures are mounted "floating" on the back by means of an invisible holder
  • The packaging is made of 100% cardboard and does not use any plastic or foil
  • Product Made in Germany

Special instructions for mounting: you only need a sufficiently strong nail for the wall. Alternatively, you can hang the picture on a screw. Through the internally toothed invisible suspension, you can align the image at any time


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