Dog Photography: Treat snapshot and portraits in focus

„Dogs Catching Treats“ – funny "snapshots" with thrown treats - and head portraits in front of a dark background - these are the most requested motifs when I reach for the camera. Therefore, both variants advanced to a fixed part of every shoot - no matter if at my studio in Selm / GErmany or "On Tour" somewhere in Europe or the world.


  • Session price: in the studio 349 euros incl. 4 professionally retouched images. Plus: all preview material in small print resolution, printouts of the retouched images and 25 euro shopping voucher for the Vieler store.
    On tour in europe or outside depending on the tender.

  • Delivery of the images is digital on a data carrier. All edits are available in max. resolution. Plus: Logo version for online publication (e.g. Instagram).

Studio shooting procedure:

  • Arrive: Excited protagonists relax best while securing the unfamiliar studio terrain. Time enough for us to take care of jackets and drinks. Note: The studio is located on the 1st floor of our house. So there are a few steps to climb. If this is an obstacle, talk to me and we will find a solution. Once upstairs, you may also immediately leash off, because the whole studio is dog zone.
  • Feel good: I do not set (tighter) time limits on my shoots. As a rule, no two appointments follow closely behind each other. We shoot pictures until the desired motifs are in the box, take breaks when necessary and work as long as the model is happy to do so. The well-being of the animal is always the focus. If there is too much stress, we always take breaks.
  • What do I need to bring with me? Basically nothing at all. In my work, I focus on the strengths of my model and try to produce character portraits with tongue-in-cheek humor. Accessories of any kind are very rarely used in my work. Of course, you are free to pack favorite collars, bandanas and Co.
  • Treats: If the dog has allergies to certain food and/or is picky about the choice à please bring plenty of your best "stuff" ????But I also have various snacks on site, so really only "problem cases" are asked to self-supply.
  • „Dogs Catching Treats“:For a treat shoot, the dog should already respond to flying treats before our appointment. He doesn't have to be able to catch it in the process - that's not important for the creation of a good picture. However, concentration plays a big role: our model should focus on the treat and - however - react to it. If the dog doesn't react at all, we can still take great pictures - just not "Dogs Catching Treats".
  • Duration: A candid shoot usually takes 30-40 minutes (including arrival and post-shoot review - a really quick thing in most cases ). With portraits it takes about 60-80 minutes, with outdoor sessions 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • Results: Immediately after the shooting, we look at the resulting images together on the big TV. The choice of which images should be retouched, but you make comfortably at home. After your visit I will send you an email with a link to a gallery. From this gallery you can choose your favorites for retouching. Important: Depending on travel and workload, processing after receipt of order can take 4-6 weeks (very often it is of course faster). You will receive two JPG files per selected motif: one in maximum resolution without logo for private copying ... and one version with logo for online use. The pictures will reach you as download and on a data carrier by mail. Plus: Each retouched image comes as a high-quality print in 30x20 cm.

Since the post-processing of an image has a significant part in the result and ultimately shapes the style of my images, I can not pass on unprocessed images in large print resolution. However, all images remain on my server for an indefinite period of time, so reorders are possible at any time.


Prices:  A studio shooting I charge with 349.- Euro (in my studio in Germany). On tour in Europe or the rest of the world depending on the tender. We usually produce over 100, often more like 200 pictures, which are available to you in small unedited form through the gallery (later also on the transmitted data carrier) for private use. From this material you can choose 4 motives, which will be retouched intensively and in the often published quality (per picture one hour of work is calculated). If you order more pictures, I charge 60.- Euro / picture. Each order you will receive later as a printout. Plus: 25 Euro shopping voucher for my online store, where you can get canvases, Aludibonds and much more delivered free and in great print quality. A designer, with which you can create your own memes and print them on various products, is also available.

All prices include the statutory VAT of 19%.

  • Image Rights: I send each client a model release with the request to take note. This is not a contract, but an info, how the legislator regulates copyright - so what you acquire with me with the shooting. Resulting images of the shooting may be later in one of my calendars, book or elsewhere - eg on Instagram - If you have questions about the release do not hesitate to contact me.

Shoot „On Tour“

Basically, except for time, place and price little changes to a studio appointment. The exact information about a shooting in your area I will send you on request to the mail ontour (at)


Curious? The list of cities that are on the calendar, you can find here...