Shootings: treat snapshot and portraits in focus


People often ask me: how do you take such incredible shots? And it's certainly one of the most common questions in the vastness of search engines, too: "how do I take great shots of my dog?"

In fact, it's "relatively easy" and it doesn't require a super camera for quite a few thousands of Euros. Patience, empathy with the dog and the owner are just as important as time and composure.
Successful animal or dog photographers there are now so many - images that reveal the soul of the dog and truly speak to us, you get as a customer yet not everywhere.

I can't say much about questions like "which camera do I need" or "which lens is the right one for motion shots". Basically, it doesn't take much for a really successful shoot with great results.
Neither from the dog, nor from his owners.

The most important things: time, composure and a dog that is comfortable in unfamiliar situations (sooner or later). It's not a problem if your dog is "a little more fidgety" - we always get strong photos with a little patience.

Nevertheless, the chances of getting many great pictures increase if the model knows (and can keep) a few basic commands. Also, the dog does not have to come hungry - but he will probably leave satiated.

Procedure of a Shooting
According to our experience, a shooting takes between one and two hours. Afterwards, the dogs are very happy to have a break - usually they fall asleep in their basket while looking at the pictures.
Please bring your own treats if the dog suffers from intolerances or allergies, but also if gourmets and foodies do not like every treat. I have plenty, but not something in the house for every case.

Arrive: Relaxing, feeling comfortable - dogs as well as people is the first thing on the agenda after arrival. I don't set (tighter) time limits on my shoots. As a rule, no other appointments follow within the next three hours of the start of the appointment, and usually none on the same day. We shoot until we have the desired images in the box, take breaks when necessary and everything only as long as the model is happy to participate. The well-being of the animal is always the focus. If there is too much stress, we take breaks (in case of doubt and "emergency" up to the cancellation of the shooting).

Image selection: After the shooting, the results are viewed by me and all eligible image are compiled in an online gallery. After that I am happy about your selection, for which you can take all the time in the world.
Once you have selected your desired images, they will be edited by me for you (max. 10 images are included in the price. Additional edits will be charged separately).

Image delivery: The finished images are handed over in print resolution as a file. A selected image is included free of charge as a gallery print. Further products with the picture of your dog can be ordered in a separate area on the website.
For this you will receive a separate link.
Since I want to produce a high quality image in the end, I can unfortunately not give unedited images in full print resolution. That would contradict the whole shooting and business orientation.

Prices:for a shooting including four per-retouched images in "book quality" are 319.- Euro calculated. For each additional image retouching including print there is a charge of 60.- Euro. The delivery of the images is on a data carrier as JPG in maximum resolution. The selection does not have to be made on site - all shooting results are available for viewing in an online gallery shortly after the shooting. All images from the shoot can be downloaded from the gallery in a medium print resolution (for private use only, not for online use). All prices include the statutory VAT of 19%. 

Studio: Welcome to perhaps the most beautiful dog studio in the country. You and especially all four-legged models should feel comfortable here. As a rule, can be leashed directly at the entrance and our protagonists can explore the studio for themselves. A short walk beforehand in the nearby park helps to reduce stress and strain. So we don't have to reach for the rag later ;-)



All image rights remain with the photographer Christian Vieler. I may use the resulting footage commercially (e.g. book) and publish it on my channels (including Facebook, Instagram, website). This only applies to photos that exclusively feature animals. Other arrangements are possible.