The Sausage Disaster

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In Germany we say: "When two quarrel, the third is happy".
Here, however, 5 are "arguing" at once and it is not clear who will emerge as the winner in the end.

To all dog lovers among us: don't worry - everyone got his share.
A wonderful picture, which simply conjures up a smile.


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Fuji Crystal photo paper with a semi-matte finish is the basis of every print from Vieler Photography. The paper is coated with a lightly striped texture that gives a very natural photographic finish with subtle colours.
With this paper, the colours come out in a very natural way, resulting in a detailed, 3-dimensional, beautiful photographic reproduction that is a joy to use.

Technical Details:

Finish: Light gloss / satin
Colour of the paper: Light white
Paper texture: Smooth
Print: Borderless
CO² neutral production


Special notes about the frames:
These are handcrafted from wood to exact length. The wood comes from European, sustainable cultivation. The front pane is made of anti-reflective glass and not - as is often the case - plastic. These frames are therefore not comparable with the usual mass products from the furniture stores or frame shops. However, quality should not only be seen in the motifs and printing, but especially in the overall work within a room.